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Dr. C Tuna Baby Shampoo 360 ml


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Dr. C Tuna Baby Shampoo 360 ml

Product details of Dr. C Tuna Baby Shampoo 360 ml

  • Specially designed to gently cleanse a baby’s fine hair and delicate scalp
  • With its soft formula enriched with borage extracts, it cleans your baby’s hair and body gently
  • Easily rinsed, It provides easy combing of hair and makes it soft
  • it offers your baby a unique bathing pleasure.
  • It does not contain Paraben, SLES, SLS, Sulfate, Soap and Dye

About Farmasi Bangladesh:FARMASI is an International Beauty and Personal Care Manufacturer. Its origin is in Turkey. Now we are the Sole Distributor in Bangladesh. Farmasi is a halal cosmetics and personal care brand in Bangladesh. We are best known for our commitment to clean and safe beauty standards. FARMASI is one of the fastest-growing Direct Sales companies and continues to gain global recognition through our skincare line.

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