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Premium Ruchi Chanachur Mix - 100gm

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Premium Ruchi Chanachur Mix - 100gm

Product details of Premium Ruchi Chanachur Mix - 100gm
  • Product type: Chanachur
  • Weight: 100gm
  • Premium Quality
  • Product of Bangladesh.
  • #SquareFood

Ruchi Premium Mix Chanachur

Ruchi Premium Mix Chanachur is a new concept in the chanachur market of Bangladesh - and has been introduced with some exciting ingredients in a unique flavor combination. RUCHI Premium Mix Chanachur is enriched with Almonds, Raisin, Chickpeas, and comes in a unique Paprika Flavor. While the crispness of regular chanachur ingredients will be enhanced by Whole Lentil & Chickpea, at the same time sweetness of Raisin and great taste of Almond will give the real excitement of a premium snacks. With the aim to place the product as a perfect combination, RUCHI Premium Mix is carving its own place in the snacks market across the country.

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